Real-Time Sales Trends

While it's common for retargeting campaigns to dynamically inject products from abandoned shopping carts into creative, what about retargeting campaigns to site visitors with no carts, or prospecting campaigns?

Adacus injects products (image and text) into dynamic creative based on real-time sales trends, from website or offline sales, updated every hour.  

Real-Time Sales Trends Dynamic Creative operates on one of two modes:

  • Bestselling Products: Products injected into dynamic creative are based on the bestselling products overall from a trailing time period updated every hour.
  • Recommendation Engine: Products injected into dynamic creative are based on a personalization algorithm that updates every hour.  This mode is only available for online sales.

Setting up Real-Time Sales Trends Dynamic Creative is a simple two-step process:

(1) Deploy Adacus' Retail Conversion Tracker

 Adacus' Retail Conversion Tracker is a javascript tag that can be deployed with any Tag Management System to the order confirmation pages of your site.  This tag adheres to the product information model used by major TMS systems to capture multiple products in a transaction with quantities of each.

(2) Deploy one of Adacus' Product Integration Endpoints

Adacus retrieves product creative content based on a unique identifier from one of multiple product data catalogs you can create, using the following endpoints:

  • Website Crawling - If you don't have an API for product data or a structured product database that can be transferred, Adacus has a product cata crawler that can intelligently parse your website product catalog into a structured product data feed. 
  • RESTful API - Either expose your product catalog API or POST product data to Adacus' API.
  • S3 - Publish your product catalog to S3 where it will be downloaded and parsed into a product data feed by Adacus' product data pipelines.

And that's it.  Adacus sets the relevant image and text elements of your creative to be driven by its Real-Time Sales Trend algorithm.  You can preview your creative in the Ad Server and always stay on top of the bestselling products in the Analytics tab of Adacus.