Personalization OVerview

Other dynamic creative platforms are limited to rigid feeds to drive the values of text and image elements within a creative - almost always based on last product viewed (in retargeting) and location name (in prospecting).  These tactics leverage personalized content to get ads noticed, but not to engage and persuade.  As such, they only scratch the surface of the potential of dynamic creative personalization.  Adacus is unique among dynamic creative platforms in the intelligence and data that are brought to bear on determining which creative variation to serve each user.

Adacus applies machine learning and data to engage and persuade users with personalized dynamic creative and video.  Each tactic, listed to the right, is appropriate for different industries and different personalization strategies.  

For example, CPG companies are most likely to be interested in Page Content Matching and Nearest Retailer personalization strategies, while retailers are more likely to deploy Sales Trends and DMP/First Party Data personalization strategies.  Insurance and health care companies generally execute Page Content Matching and DMP/First Party Data personalization strategies.

Read through each personalization strategy to see which is right for your brand.