Page Content Matching (Context)

Contextual advertising has long been a central feature of AdWords, but a near impossibility on the open Internet, until now.  

Brands almost always target particular publishers in their media plan - either through direct buys or DSP bidding for particular publishers or content types.  The performance of such media targets is always enhanced by with contextual creatives that match creative content to the specific content of a web page.  Some examples:

  • A doctor or hospital that targets medical information websites uses contextual creatives that vary the specific disease or symptom they treat based on the content of the page.
  • An insurance campaign that targets financial information websites uses contextual creatives that vary the insurance type text and image - auto, motorcycle, boat, house, life, disability, etc - based on the content of a web page.

With Adacus, this requires no coordination with the publisher, as is required with Doubleclick, or payment to a third-party keyword matching vendor that must integrate with your ad server.  Adacus has built a natural language processing platform, which is unique in its accuracy due to it use of multinomial Naive Bayesian algorithms.

Adacus currently classifies web pages against hundreds of content categories dynamically at runtime, and for each brand typically adds several new content categories that are particularly relevant to their product or service.