Displaying the location of a user in an ad - city, sports team, etc - is one of the most common techniques for using dynamic creative to grab a user's attention. 

Adacus provides this same functionality, but with far more accurate location identification because it goes beyond simple If-Then rules.  Adacus leverages the most advanced IP geolocation sources, and then applies two algorithmic steps to IP geolocation data:

  • Householding - Often the same device will be on multiple network connections throughout the day.  Some network connections provide more accurate location intelligence than others.  Adacus processes this stream of location intelligence to associate the most accurate location to each device.
  • Location Accuracy - Some devices do not expose location data that is reliable, particularly those that only connect through cellular or satellite connections and do not share opt-in location data.  Adacus recognizes these cases and, when no reliable location data is available, discards the location data and returns a generic creative.

Adacus location-based creative is available for both dynamic creative and creative decision trees.