Adacus is a 2nd generation DCO platform that delivers real-time ad assembly with campaign setup and optimization times that are far faster than 1st generation DCO.  

Rapidly design and easily communicate dynamic campaigns with an intuitive Creative Decision Tree. Pick from the largest suite of creative targeting strategies - demographic, contextual, sales-based, inventory-based, recommendation engines, nearest retailer, etc - all with no added costs.  And optimize dynamic creative in days instead of weeks with the fastest A/B and multivariate optimization engine.   

Creative Decision Tree

Dynamic campaigns that used to take weeks to months to set up complex decisioning rules now take hours  to set up with Adacus' Creative Decision Tree.  Select from 1000+ built-in demographic and interest segments, as well as segments from your DMP.  Instead of being hidden in a complex adops system, decisioning rules are first-class citizens that enable marketers to test, validate and manage a brand's segmentation strategy.

See the reach of each audience segment within each branch of the tree so you know how many people will see each ad including the default ad.  No more complex decisioning in which most users end up seeing the default ad for lack of user data.


Advanced Product Retargeting

No longer choose between the ease and feature set of a closed retargeting platform and the control of an in-house platform.

Adacus makes advanced retargeting tactics available to all, including Product Recommendation Engines, Template A/B Testing and Automated Product Feed Generation.  

Cookieless Creative Targets

First-generation dynamic platforms rely on 3rd party cookie-based media targets from DMPs and pass the cost onto you.  But creative targets must be cookieless, otherwise most users will see the default ad.  

Only Adacus has invested in cookieless creative targets.  Show different ads based on 1000+ demographic and interests audience segments with near 100% reach.  And because these creative segments are built-in, no charges are passed on to the advertiser.


Contextual Creative Targets

Do you target your media buy to certain topical publishers? Modify your creative to sub-topics - dynamically with no advance coordination with the publisher required - using Adacus' contextual creative targeting.

Built on Adacus' proprietary natural language processing technology, you can leverage 400+ out-of-the-box contextual interests and add custom interests, all for no extra charge beyond the low ad serving fee.

Demographic Creative Targets

Only Adacus provides built-in demographic creative targets.  This enables Adacus to provide demographic creative decisioning for no extra charge and to display the number of users in each demographic creative target.  You can even run A/B and multivariate tests within demographic targets.

Adacus' demographic creative targets have a near 100% reach, using our cookieless technology, so that demographic decisioning is applied to all users.

Nearest Retailer Creative Targets

Whether you are retailer showing the name or address of your nearest location to a user in real-time, or a CPG brand showing retailer-specific ads based on the nearest retailer, Adacus brings advanced location decisioning technology to dynamic.

Optimize with Stunning Speed

Identifying the highest-converting combination of variables in an ad unit takes a long time for other DCO platforms, unacceptable within the agile timeframes that digital advertising demands.  Adacus has the most advanced optimization engine in the industry, leveraging the latest statistics and offline conversion data to optimize dynamic creative campaigns in days rather than weeks or months.


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