Dynamic Creative vs Creative Decision Tree

Adacus gives you two choices for data-driven creative: Dynamic Creative and Creative Decision Tree.  

Dynamic Creative: The Adacus Dynamic Creative platform imports HTML5 templates built with any market-leading platform (Google Web Designer, Adobe or, our preferred approach, by hand) and binds selected elements to the Adacus platform.  This is the same approach to dynamic creative as in Doubleclick Studio, but different from Dynamic Creative vendors that have built their own editors for producing dynamic creative.  

Adacus advises against relying upon third party dynamic creative editors for producing dynamic creative.  Dynamic, like animation, is an orthogonal concern to creatives, and should not lock advertisers into a specific editor.  Advertisers should use the editors that are the most full-featured from a design perspective, and then incorporate orthogonal concerns like animation (e.g. via greensock) and dynamic (e.g. via Doubleclick or Adacus).

Adacus enables advertisers to test and validate their dynamic creative through a Validation tool integrated within the ad server.

Creative Decision Trees: Adacus also makes a graphical, point-and-click Creative Decision Tree available to advertisers.  While Dynamic Creative dynamically assembles an ad, Creative Decision Trees dynamically select an ad or an entire ad rotation at runtime.

Advertisers can also combine Creative Decision Trees and Dynamic Creatives, by including a Dynamic Creative into a creative rotation and selecting that rotation in a node of their Creative Decision Tree.