DMP & First Party Data

Adacus integrates with major DMPs, and provides its own DMP for advertisers without a third-party DMP, to enable easy Creative Decision Trees based on first-party data.

Conventional ad servers like Doubleclick make this nearly impossible by not cookie-syncing with third-party DMPs such as Oracle BlueKai, forcing advertisers to duplicate online first-party data in the advertiser's DMP and Doubleclick while providing no on-ramp for other first-party data.  

  • CRM - After onboarding CRM data to your third-party DMP (BlueKai, LiveRamp, Adobe, etc) and sharing it with Adacus in the respective DMP console, each CRM segment is available in the Adacus interface to build a Creative Decision Tree.  It has never been this simple to dynamically serve different display and video ads to different CRM segments.
  • Site Engagement - You can serve different ads based on a user's site engagement patterns in one of two ways.  You can share online first party data with your third party DMP and share the corresponding segments with Adacus.  Or, deploy the Adacus tracking pixel to your site, either via Floodlight or a Tag Management System, and let Adacus expose segments based on site engagement in the Adacus interface.
  • Storytelling (Ad Frequency & Engagement) - Storytelling is an increasingly popular approach to creative execution.  Adacus makes storytelling simple.  The Adacus platform tracks the number of ad impressions per user per period, and ad engagement (video completion, ad clicks), making segments available in the Creative Decision Tree based on these metrics.