Just in case you haven't heard of it, DMEXCO is - as the kids say - "kind of a big deal."

The Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference hosts more than 800 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors annually from around the world, making DMEXCO one of Europe's largest digital marketing conferences.

Yes, Europe.  Not Mexico.  Cologne, Germany to be exact.  This year the two day event will be held on September 14-15 and Adacus will not just have a booth - we will be presenting.

Mark your calendars for September 15 at 1:30pm (local Cologne time) to hear Joel Sadler share how the Adacus Creative-Side Platform can help digital creative teams break free from the restrictions of DCO to deliver personalized messaging.

Come by our table in Hall 6 anytime during the conference to chat with our team and learn more about the Adacus CSP.

In the meantime, check out latest FAQ "Adacus v DCO" to see how the Adacus Creative-Side Platform goes beyond DCO.