Separate Media Attribution from Creative Insights Reporting

Third party ad servers apply media attribution models to all reporting, which don't allow you to report creative insights or A/B test results.  That's why media attribution and creative reporting need to be kept separate.  Digital advertisers rely on Adacus as the Creative Insights and A/B Testing Dashboard to their ad server.

Adacus has pipelines to ingest logs from ad servers including Doubleclick, or you can drop the Adacus pixel on your ad tags, then log into your Creative Insights dashboard.

Tag your creatives using any reporting schema

Tag your creatives using any reporting schema

Tag Creatives by Message, by Image and more

Roll-up your creatives by any creative schema - message, image, format and more - to track performance at a meaningful level.  It's easy to add and modify multiple creative schemas for your ads.

Drill Down by Demographics, Interests, Location and more

Adacus builds in 1000+ demographic and interest audience segments, and integrates with all major DMPs, enables you to drill down into creative performance by any demographic, interests, first party or other audience segment.

Demographic drill-down capabilities are powered with data from Acxiom.

Interests drill-down capabilities are powered by Adacus' natural language processing of every page on which you serve your ads, including custom interests based on your product or service type.

Creatives Sorted by Lower Bound of Performance Interval

Creatives Sorted by Lower Bound of Performance Interval

Performance Intervals

Do you have enough data to conclude a creative message is overperforming?  

Adacus applies visual performance intervals and even ranks creatives by the lower bounds of these intervals, making it easy to spot the creative messages in which you can have confidence in their performance. 

Multi-Touch Algorithmic Creative Attribution

Get a true apples-to-apples comparison of creative performance with Creative Attribution, available only from Adacus.  

The same statistics that power algorithmic media attribution are used to report Creative Attribution.  Visualize the unique lift in performance that is attributable to each creative message or image, based on algorithmic attribution that compares performance when a message or image is in a user's creative mix and not in their creative mix.

This powerful report controls for variations in media placements, impression frequency and creative pixel size for different creatives to provide the only true apples-to-apples comparison of creative performance available. 



A/B Test Dashboard

Adacus provides the premier A/B Test Dashboard in digital advertising.  

Use this with Doubleclick audience segmentation tests to see which creative variations outperform others with statistical significance determined with less than half the impressions required of traditional A/B test statistics.  

Drill down into A/B test results to identify particular demographics and interest segments that responded to a creative variation.

Full-Funnel Conversion Tracking

Do you creatives and media placements drive engagement but not conversion?  Do they drive online but not offline conversions?  Adacus reports ad engagement, site engagement, online orders and offline engagement and orders all in one dashboard.  

You can even track calls to your call center and offline retail sales of CPG brands in your Adacus dashboard.


Cloud-Based Dashboard.  Simple SAAS Pricing.

No CPMs.  No downloads.  Just simple, affordable monthly pricing.

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