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While large-scale production of creative variations is easier than ever, creative tech has not delivered the insights, intelligence and algorithms to determine which creative to serve.  

The Adacus Creative-Side Platform does for creative optimization what the DSP did for media buying, by leveraging deep investments in proprietary data and optimization technology to become the market leader in creative optimization.

Creative Insights & A/B Testing

Before Adacus

Optimization on other ad servers & DCO platforms is mostly random noise. That's why such platforms lack transparency & offer no A/B test dashboard.*

After Adacus

  • View the only A/B testing dashboard in digital advertising
  • Householding for true user-level split testing
  • Get A/B test results 2-3x faster with Bayesian Stats Engine
  • Report A/B test winners across 1000+ audience segments
  • Full funnel test KPIs including brand survey, call center & retail sales
  • Run multiple tests simultaneously with Multivariate Testing
  • Integrates seamlessly with Doubleclick - run tests in DCM or Adacus
  • Test banners, rich media and video

Precise Personalization

Before Adacus

Dynamic is time-consuming, expensive and limited to simple feeds.

After Adacus

  • Advanced Product Retargeting
    • Template A/B testing, Product Recommendation Engine, Multi-Currency Support, Product Feed, Retargeting Audience Analytics
  • Creative Decision Tree
    • From location and weather to Adacus' demographic/ interest segments, easily target creatives to any audience
  • The only AI-based Creative Decisioning engine
    • Leverage Adacus' proprietary audience data with your 1st party data to serve the optimal message, product & image to each user

* Rotation optimization (in DCM, Facebook, DCO) lacks randomized user assignment and uses last touch attribution.  Ad servers such as Doubleclick deduplicate conversions such that reported conversions within controlled tests never achieve statistical significance.


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